Senior Associate

Mrs. Hajj Irani graduated from La Sagesse University Faculty of Law in 2004 with a Bachelor Degree. She is Member of Beirut Bar Association since 2005.

Mrs. Hajj Irani focuses her practice at MAT Law Firm on Commercial, Civil and Intellectual Property Law. She also manages a broad workload across legal and corporate affairs functions to support companies’ priorities in Lebanon and Arab Countries by providing businesses and corporations with legal advice tailored to their day-to-day needs including reviewing and advising on all kind of resolutions and agreements especially distribution agreements, franchise agreements and commercial representations. She also incorporates commercial Companies in Lebanon, and in British Virgin Islands BVI.

Mrs. Hajj Irani has also experience in the area of Labor Law and workers compensation and benefits. She is native Arabic speaker, fluent in French, English and has the DELE diploma in Spanish.



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