About Us

Maalouf and Associates Law Firm began in 1991 with a handful of lawyers operating in the Capital Beirut and throughout Lebanon. In 2005, a merger introduced three new partners. It has grown since into an 8 attorney firm listed with the Beirut Bar Association under the label Maalouf, Abi Younes and Tohme (MAT). It has developed into one of the Lebanon's and the Levant's leading litigation firms with expertise in complex cases of all types. While MAT maintained its manageable size, the firm is proud to have built a big reputation as sound, dependable providers of legal advice and support. With its partners having collectively served over 15 years in the legal field, MAT has gained a solid local standing of credibility, reliability and trust.

Led by a strong corps of trial lawyers who have tried hundreds of cases to verdict, the firm has garnered a reputation for taking on matters wholeheartedly. It has dedicated itself since its founding to excellent client service, providing a full range of civil, business and litigation legal services. A mid-sized firm located in Ashrafiyeh area in the heart of the City of Beirut, the firm are ideally sized and configured to deliver the highest quality service to its clients, regardless of the complexity of the legal issue at hand. When you choose to ask MAT to help you with your legal matters, you will receive personal attention, care and respect from one its lawyers.

Areas of law practiced by our lawyers include: Corporate and Business, Bankruptcy and Commercial Transactions, Trial Litigation, Taxation, Associations, Family, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Trademark Protection, Labor and Employment, Rental contracts, Real property Transactions and Litigation, and Specialized Criminal Defense. Our firm also provides follow up services for administrative procedures (i.e. customs, registration of associations, visa, work permit, and residence permit applications).

The firm's initial client base of individuals, NGOs and mid-size and small commercial companies has expanded to include Lebanese, Arab and International corporations firms, business enterprises including families and individuals, financial institutions, NGOs, commercial and residential real estate developers, manufacturers, hotel owners and operators as well as contractors, architects and other professionals, including accountants and attorneys, and industries as varied as car rent Companies and heavy equipment manufacturers.